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  • Premixes and micro ingredients


    The wellbeing and health of animals may require feed supplementation to compensate for any nutritional deficiencies, or to treat illness.

    Feed companies generally use premixes, i.e. mixtures of one or more additives also called micro ingredients or micro nutrients, with raw materials used as media. These premixes are introduced into the feed production cycle according to well-defined legal criteria based on their use.

    Additives or micro ingredients are defined as substances intentionally added to animal feed or drinking water in order to perform one or more functions. Depending on the function, the additives are divided into five groups:

    TECHNOLOGICAL: to improve the properties of the feed such as shelf life, consistency, adjust its pH etc.

    ORGANOLEPTIC: add organoleptic properties such as odour, flavour etc.

    NUTRITIONAL: to meet specific nutritional needs of animals

    ZOOTECHNICAL: promote digestion or stabilise intestinal flora

    COCCIDIOSTATIC AND HISTOMONOSTATIC: to maintain the state of health

    In Europe, each additive must be authorised by the European Commission which establishes its possibility of use and the related methods.


    The main groups that can be found in the premixes are:

    TRACE ELEMENTS: Iron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese

    VITAMINS: A,C,D,E,B12 and many others

    AMINO ACIDS: Lysine, Methionine, Glycine and many others

    FLAVOURING: odours and flavours to increase the aroma and palatability for the animal


    The premix and micro ingredient / concentrate plants require special attention due to the characteristics of the processed materials, such as hygroscopy, sensitivity to heat, corrosiveness and others. Also, pollution and contamination must be avoided, and optimal mixing must be ensured.

    Our plants for the production of premixes and concentrates guarantee:


    they are made entirely of AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel for all parts in contact with the product to guarantee the integrity of the machines over time. The motors are sized to process products with high specific weight and the gearboxes have high service coefficients.


    they are equipped with extraction and handling systems specifically designed to prevent clogging of hygroscopic products, or overheating of heat-sensitive products.

    In addition, operator safety is guaranteed by suction systems and human error is reduced to a minimum thanks to automation.


    presence of shaking and compressed air jet systems for the removal of any product residues.

    Conveyors specifically designed to prevent dust residues.

    Mixer with drain valve for the entire length of the tank, inspection hatches on walls, washing system at the end of the cycle.


    highly sensitive Micro ingredient dosing system and Integrators dosing system to protect each formula. Fully automatic systems to prevent human error.


    the paddle mixer operates with a variation coefficient of less than 3%.


    the speed of the granular and liquid raw material dosing processes, of the conveyors with pneumatic and mechanical systems, and of the mixing process ensures a high number of batches per hour, while complying with the best quality standards.