Model A B C D E F G Hammers [N°] Sieve surface [m²] Power [kw] Surface speed [m/s] Rpm Weight [Kg]
MF120D1950 ASG12R 3310 3000 1320 1090 2395 1555 2625 172 1,95 250-315 115 2970 2820
MF120D1600 ASG10R 2760 2580 1115 885 2395 1555 2625 142 1,60 200-250 115 2970 2440
MF120D1250 ASG8R 2550 2350 910 680 2395 1555 2625 112 1,25 132-200 115 2970 1940


High Speed hammer mills MF120 Fragola are specific models suitable for pet-food and fishfeed industry.


In all models in which it is produced, with reference to the same installed power, our mill offers larger sieving surfaces. The high speed hammer mill consists in a monobloc basement fitted on anti-vibration insulators, realized in thick press-bent, electrically welded steel plate. The body of hammer mill is made of thick press-bent steel welded elements bolted together. The electric motor housing stand is also bolted to the hammer mill basement. Large side doors afford easy access to the inside of the grinding chamber. The double upper shells of wearproof steel can be easily replaced from the outside thanks to their support, bolted to the machine body, and have a regulation system that allows to increase or decrease the surface of breakage of the product according to the required granulometry. When running, the machine has high stability, the latter characteristic being due to its sturdiness and the rotor, which is dynamically balanced at all speeds. The transmission between the motor and the shaft is by an elastic coupling. All models come in two versions, depending on the solution adopted for replacement of the sieves.


The sieves consist of two pieces and can be replaced with the machine turned off, accessing them through the side doors which slide on two side runners.

The sieves are locked in place by means of special pressure and containment frames which ensure simple, fast replacement. The machine comes equipped with all safety devices required by current laws and regulations.


The feeder conveys the product into the grinding chamber, regulating the flow rate on the basis of the absorbed electric power by the mill’s motor. In addition to dosing the product, the feeder – with alveolar rotor with helical blades – also has a gravimetric device and, taking advantage on the mill suction line, perform  the important function of separating any foreign bodies with different specific weights, such as iron pieces, stones, etc., from the product. Between the alveolar rotor and the gravimetric separator, there is an additional safety device, easy-to-inspect magnet. The body is made of bolted elements and comes complete with a tray for collecting any foreign bodies.