Model A B C D E F G Usable Volume [m³] Power [kw]  [Rpm] Weight [kg]
MO2-5P DV 1900 1600 640 1510 295 1880 2715 1,4 11 38 2570
MO2-8P DV 2350 1780 700 1660 295 2010 3340 2,5 15 37 3340

The vacuum coater mixers are made of stainless steel 304 and are equipped with vacuum pump and heated body.
They are suitable for the addition of high percentage liquids on  extruded products. They are used in pet-food, aqua-feed and feed industries.
They are available in sizes from 1400 to 2500 liters, but can be designed to meet specific customer requirements.


The particular design of the paddles enables this machine to consistently achieve a high standard of homogeneity of the mixture. A mixing ratio of 1:100,000, coefficient of variation (CV) <3%.


In producing feed, it is possible to add liquid up to an amount equal to 25%.

The liquid reaches the core of the pellet and of the extruded product through the vacuum process.


Mixing time, depending on the type of material, is very rapid, also in the case in which the mixer is not under full load, mixing time is not slowed down due to the particular design of the paddles.

–  Mixing time: 60 seconds starting from the addition of the last amount of any additive, whether solid or liquid.

–  Discharge time of the mixer is about 10-15 seconds.

– The mixing plant can work 20 lots/h, totally automatic.

Discharge is extremely rapid due to the doors along the entire length of the machine.


Total discharge of the product is guaranteed by doors along the entire length of the machine.


The rational and robust construction, the large size of all of the components, the ease of inspecting the tank and the shaft through special hatches, make our horizontal mixer extremely reliable.