Dosing is an essential step in the production of premixes, and our Fragola premix dosing systems has many advantages:

  • Optimisation and automation of time-consuming manual tasks, resulting in productivity gains and elimination of human errors.
  • High precision dosing
  • High standards of cleanliness and precautions to prevent cross-contamination.


  • Cylindrical cells constructed of AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel. The customer can choose the quantity and capacity of the cells for each individual task. The standard version of the plant provides a variable array of 6, 8, or 10 cells with a capacity of 1 m3/each.
  • Extraction system with disc extractors and screw extractors, equipped for the extraction of difficult material.
  • AISI 304 / AISI 316 stainless steel construction to prevent corrosion.
  • Load-cell scales have a range from 50 to 600 kg or more, with minimum tolerances and extraction valves to ensure maximum cleanliness and speed.
  • Pneumatic conveyors for product handling, complete with cyclone filters, rotary valves, electric fans or compressors, silencers, reinforced curves to prevent wear, and lines are designed to avoid any pollution.
The cell loading system can be either MANUAL or AUTOMATIC.
MANUAL loading system:
  • Mobile suction arm to ensure the operator’s health when unloading the bag
  • System comes complete with barcode and electromagnetic locks which are remotely connected to control the opening of the pre-selected cell.
AUTOMATIC loading system
  • Receiving hopper equipped with filter
  • Bucket elevators and conveyors for loading the cells or alternative pneumatic transport.