MFV 1000
Model Hammer n. Screen surface [m²] Power [kw] Surface Speed Speed [1/min][RPM] Weight [kg]
MFV1000 44 0.8 110 82 1460 2625
Model Hammer n. Screen surface [m²] Power [kw] Surface Speed Speed [1/min][RPM] Weight [kg]
MFV600 21 0.32 30 48 1460 580
Fragola Vertical Mill is highly performing in poultry feed.

Fragola Vertical hammer mill available power from kW 30 to kW 110.

● Significant energy saving compared to the horizontal mill thanks to reduced suction line.

● Compact construction of Fragola vertical hammer mill and minimum spaces required for installation

● Reduced monetary investment compared to horizontal mill

● Significant reduction of moisture loss on ground product.

● High production capacity in poultry feed, excellent product quality.

● Fast and accurate handling of sieves thanks to the motorized device.

● Robustness, easy to inspect and low maintenance.


The feeder conveys the product into the grinding chamber, regulating the flow rate on the basis of the absorbed electric power by the mill’s motor. In addition to dosing the product, the feeder – with alveolar rotor with helical blades – also has a gravimetric device and, taking advantage on the mill suction line, perform  the important function of separating any foreign bodies with different specific weights, such as iron pieces, stones, etc., from the product. Between the alveolar rotor and the air separator device, there is an additional safety device, easy-to-inspect magnet. The body is made of bolted elements and comes complete with a tray for collecting any foreign bodies.