New Feed Production Plant 20+20 Tons|h

About This Project


A new feed production plant equipped with N°.2 completely independent production lines, each with a 20 t/h capacity, for the production of livestock feed and grain mixture.

Raw material intake by trucks with N°.2 pits and cleaning line, capacity of 70 t/h.
Cereal and meal storage and batching, with a total capacity of 2500 t, in N°.42 silos and N°.4 weighing scales each with a 2 t capacity.
• Supplement batching in big bags, equipped with N°.2 weighing scales.
Micro-ingredient batching, equipped with N°.1 weighing scale.
N°.7 liquid storage tanks, overall capacity of 170 m3 with 1 batching scale and transfer lines to the continuous mixer and to the horizontal mixer.
Grinding line with hammer mill complete with sieves that can be rapidly changed while the machine is running, 160 Kw installed power, with inverter-run electric motor.
Grinding line with double roller mill, equipped with vibrating screens for selecting the grinded product.
N°.2 mixing lines with horizontal paddle mixers, with a working capacity of 5 m3 each.
N°.1 pelleting line, capacity of 10÷12 t/h, fitted with a crumbler roller mill with remote roller adjustment.
N°.1 pelleting line, capacity of 10÷12 t/h, with product sanitation. Space projected for a 3rd pelleting line.
Finished product storage, in N°.24 silos, with overall capacity of 545 t.
N°.2 automatic bagging and palletizing production lines, N°.1 big bag filling and weighing line.
All 24 silos can simultaneously feed the 3 bagging lines and the bulk outloading station with the possibility of screening and weighbridge.
Fully automatic management and supervision of the whole plant by PC-PLC using leading technologies, lot traceability, and tele-assistance for remote control.