TurnKey Animal Feed Production Plant 40 t/h and Premix Production Plant 10t/h

About This Project


New turn-key feed and premix production plants producing feed at a rate of 40 tonnes/h and premix at 10 tonnes/h, built by completely over-hauling a pre-existing plant in prefab reinforced cement buildings.
 Receiving raw materials from trucks and freight cars at a rate of 100 ton/h equipped with a cleaning line.
Cereal and meal storage, with a total capacity of 8,800 tons in N°.69 silos, N°.12 of which are for raw material batching.
Supplement and micro-ingredient storage and batching, consisting of  N°.3 weighing scales of different sizes with a 0.5 ton mixing station located above of the main mixer.
N°.7 liquid storage tanks with an overall capacity of 133 m3 equipped with N°.1 batching scale and conveyor lines to the main mixer and oiling station.
Grinding line with N°.2 hammer mills equipped with sieves that can be quickly changed with machine running, installed power of 160 Kw each, inverter-driven electric motors.
Mixing line with horizontal paddle mixer with a effective capacity of 7 m3.
N°.1 pelleting line operating at 20 ton/h with product sanitization, crumbler mill with remote roll adjustment, low temperature pellet coating station before ensiling. Space projected for future installation of two additional lines.
Finished products storage, capacity 3100 Ton, in N°.30 silos with 1 semi-automatic bagging line and N°.3 lines for bulk outloading, N°.2 of which are for trucks on a weighing bridge  and N°.1 for freight cars.

Pre-mix and supplement production plant with a 10 ton/h capacity, installed in a building adjacent to the feed production plant.
Heating plant for the production of steam and hot water at an overall rate of 3,260,000 Kcal/h.
Fully automatic management and supervision of the plant via PC-PLC using leading  technology, batch traceability, tele-assistance for remote control.


20 Novembre