Feed production plant, potential 40 t/h.

  • Impianto produzione mangimi

About This Project


Feed production plant, potential 40 t/h.

In September 2018, work was completed for the construction and installation of a new feed production plant, potential 40 ton / h.

  • 2 lines for receipt of raw materials from trucks, potential 80 tons/h each.
  • Raw material storage and batching systems, total capacity approximately 96,500 tons, consisting of 80 silos of a capacity from 10 to 200 tons. 9 tanks for liquids, total capacity 250 tons.
  • 3 grinding lines consisting of 3 hammer mills and 1 roller mill. Hammer mill capacity 30 tons/h each, roller mill capacity 35 tons/h.
    1 crumbling line with above double-roller mill, 8t/h.
    2 mixing lines: 1 mixer of a capacity of 10,000 liters and 1 mixer of a capacity of 5,000 liters for medicated products.
    3 pelleting lines with 4 pelleting presses. Total pelleting capacity approximately 30 tons/h.
  • 1 flaking line, capacity 8 tons/h.
  • Finished products storage in 84 silos of a total capacity of 1,640 tons.
  • 2 finished product bulk loading lanes, potential 90 tons/h each,  with fast conveyor belt and weighing system.
  • 2 bagging lines and 1 big bag bagging line.
  • Totally automatic management and supervision of the plant via PC-PLC using state-of-the-art technologies, lot traceability, remote assistance for remote control.